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Self Hypnosis workshop

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Sunday June 14, 2009

The best kept secret!

In only 3 hours you can learn how to hypnotize yourself.  An easy powerful tool you can use for your lifetime.


Call Judy (949) 249-8402 to register.

Space is limited.

Here's what participants said:

"I loved that you personalized this class.  I feel that I am leaving with a great tool to add to my toolbox.  You were fabulous! Thank you."

Theresa D.C.

"Judy, A very heartfelt thank you for the gift of this seminar."

Vivian G.

"I enjoyed the exercises and going through the process step by step. It's a great workshop"

Suzan A.

"I enjoyed the entire thing, especially during the self hypnosis (practice) time."

Bryan G.

"Good stuff!!  I am really looking forward to putting some of this into practice in the coming weeks and months."

Tara S.

"I was surprised at how easy this is.  This is very useful for everyone."

Sonya S.

"Judy is a very skilled, empathetic, talented instructor.  She also has a great sense of humor and she's relaxed and caring."

Joyce K.

"I made a good decision to take this workshop.  Loved it - was informative and helpful. Thank you Judy.

Carole D.

"You are wonderful & patient!"

Alicia B.

Max's DogBlog


Max's Secret Lessons are just for you! Learn how to train your mind to walk on a short leash, be obedient and bring you pleasure. So keep reading to:

  • Experience Hypnosis - "Mind Obedience Training"
  • Learn Max's best-kept secrets:
    Secret #1 - How to recognize a good pedigree
    Secret #2 - How to be an Alpha Dog
    Secret #3 -The Come Command

Hypnosis to the MAX

By Max Westerfield
“When your mind ‘minds’ you'll both get lots of treats.”

Max's Site Map

(Max renamed his pages)
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Bone-us! Creative Expression

Hypnosis by Max

Sit! Stay! Listen!

Take a deeeeeep sniff. . . As you slooooooowly sniff you may find yourself relaxing more and more . . And the more you relax the more you want to read and the more you read the more you relax. Sniff 1. . . .sniff 2. . . .sniff 3. . . all the waaaaaaaaaay down. . .

Imagine how it feels. . . never having to work, all your meals prepared. . . sleeping or playing whenever you want. . . . . . having your itches scratched . . .never cleaning up after yourself. Imagine being a dog! Ahhhhhhh. Keep reading. . .

Max's Secret Lesson #1: Recognizing a good pedigree

Humans are all mutts. They are generally lovable but many don't have a good pedigree. When you choose a human hypnotherapist this is what you look for:

  • No puppies. Puppies are cute but they aren't housebroken.
  • License tag, preferably an implanted chip. They could stray and the Humane Society will pick them up.
  • No drooling, howling or marking territory.

My Human, Judy, She's the best. I've trained her well.

  • She's no puppy. She's been in private practice for 147 dog years. Wowf, that's a lot of years!
  • She's got lots of license tags.
  • She only drools when she smells chocolate, howls when something is funny and leaves it to me to mark territory.
  • She'll help you feel as good as a scratch behind the ears.
  • She'll help make your life more tasty than human food in your dish.

Keep sniffing. Now. . . Breathe an Alpha Doggie breath. . . stick out your tongue, good. . .sniff deeeeeeply. . . . now pant 1. . pant 2. . . . pant 3. . . pant all the waaaaaaay down. YOU are Alpha dog . . . feel it . . be it NOW!

Max's secret lesson #2: How to be an Alpha Dog

  • Don't let your mind control you. Use your nose. It's more reliable.
  • When your mind starts to stray DO NOT give it treats. Help it do the Doggie Breath.
  • Teach it to "stay." This involves treats - only give it treats when it obeys.
  • Don't ignore your mind if it scares, worries or sabotages you. It just wants attention - rubs, scratches & kisses work.

If you can't control your mind take it to Judy's Mind Obedience Training. She'll show YOU how to be an Alpha Dog. (She keeps treats in her office)

Are you still sniffing?. . ..good, . . . as you continue reading you might find yourself feeling even MORE relaxed. . . . even MORE like me . . . that's very good . . . even MORE receptive to what I'm saying. . .

Now that you are fully open to suggestion, you are ready to hear my most important secret.

Max's Secret-Lesson #3: The Come Command

Now take another deeeeeep, full Alpha Doggie Breath. Sniff deeeeeeply. . . . Tongue, relaxed. . . dangling. . . That's good. . . pant 1 . . . pant 2. . . . pant 3 . . . ahhhhhhh

Come see Judy now!

Contact Judy (949) 249-8402 to come in for your treats.


P.S. I've trained Judy to respond only to human money, no treats.
You can put your tongue in now.

Woowf! You have completed my first 3 Mind Obedience Lessons.

Now! COME take my Mind Obedience Proficiency test

I know you'll pass because I'm an excellent trainer. I've trained everyone in my family.

When you pass you'll receive:

  • My, signed Certified Certificate of Completion
  • An autographed picture of ME, Max, suitable for framing
  • A chance to win a genuine, signed Max-man T-shirt

Max's Mind Obedience Proficiency Test

Quiz 1

True or False

  1. Max has been honored for both his Creativity and his Hypnotic skills.
  2. Only give your mind treats when it is good and minds you.
  3. Hypnosis and imagery can be used for nightmares
  4. You are in control when you are hypnotized.
  5. People cluck like a chicken under hypnosis when they drink corn pone.
  6. During Guided Imagery, when you communicate with your images you are not crazy.
  7. My human Judy made up the term Hypno-Imaging.
  8. The 3rd rule of doing creative expression is "There is no right or wrong"
  9. My human has been in private practice for 147 dog years.

All of the questions in Quiz 1 are true!
Request a copy of Max's free Incredibly Creative Stress Kit

Quiz 2

False or True

  1. Drooling makes the Alpha Doggie Breath more powerful.
  2. Judy is a billionaire because she knows how hypnosis works.
  3. Only canines are creative.
  4. Judy wears her license tags on a collar around her neck.
  5. All of the therapists who gave testimonials were paid big bucks to say nice things.
  6. The term "Hypno-Imaging" was coined during a trip to the zoo.
  7. Trauma memory cannot be helped with hypnosis & guided imagery.
  8. The 1st rule of creative expression is "Use your mind not your paws"
  9. Max is a purebred.

All of the questions in Quiz 2 are false!
Request a copy of Max's free Incredibly Creative Stress Kit